Supportive sober board&lodging

Christ Satisfies Housing


We at CSH believe in the Attitude of Gratitude motto and approach to life. As a board/lodge we meet the food/shelter needs for each guest in our homes on a temporary/short-term basis while clients finish outpatient therapy at outside sources in the metro area and are making steps towards positive life changes in their mental/chemical health.  We do not have any therapy or MI/CD services and are not a medical facility.  We are a shelter that temporarily houses people, sober, with MI/CD qualifications.  We do not provide transportation for any guests in the sober living, however our homes are located on the bus line.

At Christ Satisfies Housing, we offer (for the choice of the individual client) both an AA/NA track to programming using the big book model and/or a Faith-Based approach using biblical concepts.  We do not force anyone to participate in any religion, nor do we believe it is beneficial to have anything but a "meet you where you're at" approach.  Our goal and intention of our sober lodging is to provide a warm bed, clean living space, hot meals/food, safety and accountability in a sober environment as a temporary shelter solution while each client is in transition to their next step to find permanent housing.

Below are a few testimonies from present clients that desired to share their experience at Christ Satisfies Housing and the growth they have found since coming into our program or transitioning from our program. (please note: names are not given for the privacy of clients)

  • Hi my name is S, I came into the program in December 2013 and have been sober 9 months since.  Christ Satisfies Housing has been a true blessing in my life.  The program has shown me how important it is to have a personal relationship with God.  I truly believe that the spirituality concept is the only way a person battling addictions can recover and maintain sobriety.  CSH has provided this vital aspect in my life.  For this I am eternally grateful to God, family and friends, the Christ Satisfies directors, staff, ministry team, and other clients of the program.  Thank you, S.

  • Hello my name is T, I am very blessed and grateful to be a part of Christ Satisfies.  I have learned a lot since being here.  I have learned patience and understanding of others and have grown in my sobriety since coming here.  This program has helped to challenge me to work on my character defects and spirituality.  I have learned to memorize scripture and have learned a lot during our bible studies which have helped me to understand things more.  I have created many new and valuable friendships since being in the program and Christ Satisfies Housing has really become a family to me.

  • Hello I'm B, this program gave me somewhere to go out coming out of treatment which was a safe and sober environment for my recovery.  I believe it helped saved my life. It has brought new fellowship and spirituality into my life.  Thank you, B.

  • The reason I picked this place out was because it had Christ in front of it.  I really like the God part of it.  My cravings to use while being here become less and less everyday.  I feel God working in my life and can see God working on a daily basis. The burdens I felt when I came in here are being lifted off and are starting to come into order.  I have less and less worries and its all because of God and the help this place has given me.  Thank you, D.

  • Hi my name is D, coming to Christ Satisfies has allowed me to bring Christ and faith into my life of recovery from drugs and alcohol.  It has helped me to recover from person of my past that I was.  It has helped me to grow into the person that I want to be.  The faith and Christian part of my recovery, for me, has been the missing link in the past treatment attempts.  Coming here has been a god sent which I didn't really realize until I started to talk to other people who were in my outpatient program and living here at CSH.  After talking to family members and peers, having a relationship with God and bringing that aspect into my recovery has made all the difference.  Thank you, D.

  • Hello my name is M, before coming here I basically didn't have a relationship with Christ.  I chose to come to CSH because I wanted to explore having a relationship with God and be around women who desired the same thing.  It has been very helpful being here and around people who are moving in the same direction as me.  This is a safe place to live and a comfortable setting to be able to have people to talk to and share with.  The first few weeks here we're especially helpful and having more structure helped me to transition from treatment and out into the real world and going to church.

  • Hi my name is R, I am an addict but most importantly I am a child of God. I came to Christ Satisfies to transition from treatment into sober living, as a result of being here, I didn't know what to expect, I figured it would be the typical sober housing and nothing more.  It was, rather, the place where I met the God of my own understanding, not my mothers God, not my roommates God or preachers God, but finally my Lord and God who became personal to me.  Being at CSH, I have learned structure, I have learned discipline, I have learned accountability, I have learned to be a godly woman, and most importantly I have found me and I am very content.  As a result of CSH, it has helped to bring me back into the real world as I am a full-time working woman and am going to school part-time. To me Christ Satisfies is just the beginning of a life of fulfillment.